Our Story | SiNZ

What Is SiNZ?

SiNZ is the latest and one of the most highly anticipated clothing brands in the street wear and fashion world. It is the creation of raver, graffiti artist and young entrepreneur Jack Horvath; and was recently established in January 2019.

Who Is SiNZ?

Originally from a sleepy village in the heart of North Yorkshire, Jack left school at the age of 18 with an A in art and only a handful of other qualifications, he went on to work for a well-known UK high street stationery store. After working hard and making his way up the hierarchy over several years, he realized it was not what he had expected it to be and it was no longer for him. He started to look outside of the village where he lived; and decided to turn towards the things he loves. With retro clothing becoming popular again and his love for fashion, clothing and street wear, he decided to buy and sell prelove 80’s and 90’s clothing. Jack did this for just under a year before he started to get bored of re-selling other companies clothing; there was no buzz in it for him. At the time retro clothing companies were starting to pop up all over the place; in his own words “yeah, the money is good but everyone is doing the same thing, no one stands out”. He felt it was time to switch things up and create something new that can turn heads; something unique and most importantly, something he could do 100% his way and call it his own.

Early Influences

Heavily influenced by urban culture; Jack began to use his imagination and talent as an artist to create original one-off imagery. He stored his designs and ideas until he felt the time was appropriate for him to use each of them, and then he had a vision; what better way to get his art out there than to bring them forward to use as a clothing brand. A fresh new brand that is unique, exciting and that can be slightly controversial at the same time.

With the imagery created and the sinful types of behavior that can be associated within the cultures that have influenced the brand; there only seemed to be only one appropriate name that would fit the vision he had, SiNZ.

SPONSORING; gasmusicuk™

SiNZ is also proud to be the sponsor of Leeds based gasmusicuk™. One of the hottest up and coming parties to grace the UK underground music scene having booked the likes of heavyweight DJ's; Shonky, Priku, Rich NXT, Diego Krause, Arapu & a lot more.